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No installation and No wiring required

Is both a GPS tracker and lock

Lock and track cargo for maximum security

portable gps tracker

Real-time location of cargo

Can only be opened with SMS and password

Can be used where any regular lock is used


Our Smart Lock can be used where any regular lock is used. The benefit of our lock is that it can only be opened via SMS and password by authorized user. This prevents your merchandise/cargo from being stolen. Our lock also has a GPS chip meaning you can track the exact location in real-time of where your cargo/merchandise is! You will also be alerted every time the lock is opened and the location of the opening.
portable gps tracker
Secure any commercial gate.
Our Smart Lock can be used to lock and secure any commercial gate. The lock can only be opened via SMS command from authorized phone so you can have full control of when the gate is opened. You will also be alerted of when the gate is open.
track your kids with gps tracker
fleet and vehicle gps tracking philippines
Track any type of trucks.
Our Smart Lock is also a GPS Tracker, so you can use it to lock the container/compartment in the truck and then you can track your truck/cargo and see its location. You will also be alerted if the truck’s container is open and the exact location of the opening. This will help you avoid cargo theft.
Secure your home gate.
Have peace of mind by using our Smart Lock to secure your gate at home. No need to give anyone a key to your gate. You allow ONLY the people you want to enter by sending the SMS command to unlock the gate.
track your kids with gps tracker

How Does It Work

Firstly, no monthly fees, just use the Smart Lock to lock any cargo container, truck compartment, gate, etc. The Smart Lock uses the GPS satellites to get the exact location of the object that has been locked. The  Smart Lock uses the SIM (any network) inside to send via SMS to your phone the location of the truck (if you tracking a truck). You then click the link in the SMS and it will open Google maps so you can see the exact real-time location on the map (incredibly accurate to usually within less than 5 meters).

no monthly fees, pay only the SMS cost from Smart Lock to your phone

Works anywhere in the world where there is SMS signal

Accurate to less than 5 meters

Use SIM from any network of your choice

Be tracking in minutes
In 3 easy steps

Insert SIM from any network

Turn GPS Tracker On

Lock the gate or compartment with the Smart Lock

Receive real-time location on your phone

Need History of the objects you are tracking?

Our GPS trackers can be used with no monthly fees, including our FREE app. If you need history reporting of your objects (routes, stops, etc.) then you can avail of our subscription based web tracking platform. No contracts or long-term agreements, some of the main features:


See the objects move in real-time on the map


All trips taken, stops, parking, and more


Login to your account from any computer in the world or your tablet or smartphone

Web Tracking Platform

Our web tracking platform allows you to see the objects moving in real-time on the map. You can also get a history of all the locations the object has been to, routes taken, stops, parking and more.
Frequently asked questions from our customers
How does the Smart Lock send the location?
Just like a regular GPS Tracker, the Smart Lock obtains the exact location from the GPS satellites orbiting the Earth and then uses the SIM card (any network) inside the Smart Lock to send the signal to your phone.
Is there an installation fee?
No. The Smart Lock has no wires to install,so there are no installation fee. Just charge the Smart Lock, and then use like a normal lock.
Does the SIM card inside the Smart Lock need load?
Yes. Just like any other GPS Tracker, the SIM card inside the Smart Lock needs to have SMS load  to send you the location to your phone. Any network (open line).
What is the size of the Smart Lock?
The Smart Lock is larger than a regular lock because it has a large 15,000 mAh battery.
Any monthly fee or annual fees to use the Smart Lock?
NO. There are no annual fees or monthly fees to use the Smart Lock. We even have a free Android App.
How accurate is the location?
Accuracy is very good, usually within 3 – 5 meters of the object.