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LTFRB GPS Trackers

We are LTFRB accredited GPS devices supplier

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You run a successful business, and you require LTFRB approved GPS trackers. For over 12 years we have been in the GPS tracking business, so let our experience and advanced GPS systems help your business comply with the LTFRB requirements.


GPS tracker with both globe and smart networks

We have the advanced technology to use both Globe and Smart networks at the same time

The LTFRB expects your GPS trackers to be online all the time. Problem is sometimes the network signals (Globe or Smart) are weak. We can help because we are the only LTFRB accredited GPS supplier in the Philippines that has GPS trackers working with both Globe and Smart networks at the same time for maximum coverage and reliability. This ensures you have the best experience possible with your GPS trackers, regardless of where you are in the Philippines.

How does our system work with your vehicles?

gps trackers for LTFRB requirements


We install a small GPS tracker inside each of your vehicles. This GPS tracker then communicates 24/7 365 days a year with your account on our GPS tracking system. You can access all the information of your vehicles from anywhere in the world, on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Let’s see some of the main features of our system that will help your business

Real-time location

You will be able to see all of your vehicles’ real time location on the map, along with the exact address of each vehicle, whether the vehicle is moving, stopped parked, if ignition is ON or OFF, and so much more.

Instantly know which vehicles are in your lot(s) and which are out of your lot.

gps location of vehicle


Geofences are ‘virtual fences’ around specific areas that you can setup so that you know every time a vehicle enters or leaves a certain place (your lot, a bus route, and more). You can also for example set up bus route geofences so you know which buses or vehicles are working within their designated routes. As soon as the vehicle enters or exits a geofence you will be alerted in real-time via email, mobile app or even SMS. Create as many geofences as you wish.

geofence for gps tracker

Keep track of the odometer of each vehicle

odometer tracking

Our system will keep track of the odometer of each of your vehicles for your records without you having to physically check the odometer. You can even see how many kilometers each vehicle drove and the individual trips taken.



vehicle error codes

Our system will let you know if one of your vehicles has had a hard impact, like in a vehicle accident. Then you can locate your vehicle and quickly take action and offer assistance

keep track of vehicle mileage
monitor fuel level

Keep track of vehicle maintenance tasks

Our system has a fleet maintenance section where you can enter maintenance tasks for your vehicles based on kilometers drive, a specific date, or even number of hours the engine has been on.

For example, be reminded to change the oil every 5,000 kilometers. The reminder will be sent to you via email or through our app.

If you properly conduct regular maintenance on your vehicles you will save a lot of money on expensive repairs that could have been prevented with proper maintenance. 

And the money you save in expensive repairs will be much more than the cost of using our system!

save money with gps tracking

Monitor Excessive Speeding 

be alerted of speeding events

Speeding is one of the main causes of vehicle accidents. As a commercial vehicle business owner this should be a top priority for you because repairs and accidents are expensive and the down-time is costly to your business. But how to monitor the speed? It is easy, with our system all of your vehicles’ speeds are monitored in real-time. And when a vehicle goes faster than the limit you have set, the system will immediately send you an alert so you can take appropriate action.


sos button

SOS Button

As an accessory to the GPS Tracker, an SOS button can be installed in your vehicles. If your driver ever needs assistance they can push the button and you will receive an alert telling you the location of your vehicle. The best part is your driver doesn’t need to know his exact address as you will see it on the map on the GPS system.

Tire Rotation 

Rotating your tires regularly (about every 5,000 kms) can significantly extend the life of your tires on your commercial vehicles. This means savings in your pocket! But it is easy to forget to do. Not with our system, you can set reminders on the system to alert you when it is time to rotate the tires and you will automatically receive the reminder.

Start saving tires and money today!

tire pressure management system

Dangerous Driving

Along with speeding, dangerous driving (harsh acceleration, harsh braking, turning) also contributes to vehicle accidents. We have GPS trackers that have sensors that will alert you in real-time if one of your car rental clients is driving dangerously.

The last thing you want is to have your vehicles involved in accidents and/or being take to court by the victims. Use our system to help alert you of these dangerous driving conditions. 

harsh driving alerts

What are you waiting for? Get compliant with the LTFRB requirements and also start protecting your vehicles and your business today.

Contact us for a free demo of our system and quote.

fleet maintenance reminders