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Track any type of vehicle that has OBD port (all vehicles made after 2004 have)

No installation and No wiring required

See on the map the location of the vehicle you are tracking

obd gps tracker main picture

Tracker gets power from vehicle so no need to recharge battery

Compatible with any vehicle with OBD port

Easily move device between vehicles

obd gps tracker dimensions


Our OBD GPS Tracker is so small that you will hardly notice it is in your vehicle.

If using our web platform and app it will alert you if someone unplugs the OBD GPS Tracker.

obd port for gps tracker

Where is your OBD port?

In most vehicles there are only 6 places where the OBD port can be found. Once you find the OBD port simply plug the OBD GPS Tracker into the port and that’s it!

If you are still unsure where to find your OBD port contact us for assistance.


You can either track the location of the vehicle via SMS or if you need history of the vehicle’s trips, parkings, stops, and routes then use our optional subscription based platform and mobile apps.

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obd gps tracker plugged in vehicle

To install simply find your OBD port and plug in the device…that’s it!

If you need to switch device to another vehicle simply unplug device from the first vehicle and plug into the second vehicle.

Track any type of vehicle.

Our OBD GPS Tracker is an advanced device compatible with virtually any make and model of vehicle that has an OBD port. 

track your kids with gps tracker
fleet and vehicle gps tracking philippines
Track any type of trucks.

Track any size truck from small delivery trucks to full sized trucks that have OBD ports. The easy installation means you can buy less devices for your fleet and only plug the device into the truck that is being used.


How Does It Work

Firstly, no monthly fees, simply put/hide the tracker inside object you are tracking. The tracker uses the GPS satellites to get the exact location of the object. The GPS Tracker uses the SIM (any network) inside to send via SMS the location of the object. You then click the link in the SMS and it will open Google maps so you can see the exact real-time location on the map (incredibly accurate to usually within less than 5 meters).

no monthly fees, pay only the SMS cost from tracker to your phone

Works anywhere in the Philippines or 140 other counries where is SMS signal

Track your vehicle anywhere in the Philippines, even if you are in a different country

Use SIM from any network of your choice

Be tracking in minutes
In 3 easy steps

Insert SIM from any network

Turn GPS Tracker On

Turn GPS Tracker On

Receive real-time location on your phone

Need History of the objects you are tracking?

If you need history reporting of your objects (routes, stops, etc.) then you can avail of our subscription based web tracking platform. No contracts or long-term agreements, some of the main features:


See the objects move in real-time on the map


All trips taken, stops, parking, and more


Login to your account from any computer in the world or your tablet or smartphone

Web Tracking Platform

Our web tracking platform allows you to see the objects moving in real-time on the map. You can also get a history of all the locations the object has been to, routes taken, stops, parking and more.

6 Month Replacement Warranty

Have piece of mind with 6 month warranty against manufacturer defects. If we can’t fix the manufacturer defect we will provide new device to you
Frequently asked questions from our customers
How does the OBD GPS Tracker send the location?
The device obtains the exact location from the GPS satellites orbiting the Earth and then uses the SIM card (any network) inside the Portable GPS Tracker to send the signal to your phone.
Is there an installation fee?

No. The OBD GPS Tracker has no wires to install, so there is no installation fee. Just plug in the device to your vehicle’s OBD port and you are ready to go!

Does the SIM card inside the OBD GPS Tracker need load?

Yes. Just like any other GPS Tracker, the SIM card inside the device needs to have SMS load  to send you the location to your phone. Any network (open line). 

Is there a warrranty?
Yes, we provide a 6 month manufacturer warranty against any manufacturing defects. If any of these issues are found then we will attempt to repair the device. If we cannot repair the device we will replace the device. 
Any monthly fee or annual fees?
NO. There are no annual fees or monthly fees if you are using the SMS with link to Google Maps tracking mode. There are only monthly fees (billed quarterly) if you need advanced tracking with history, stops, parkings, and routes.
How accurate is the location?
Accuracy is very good, usually within 5 meters of the object. And you can track the vehicle from any part of the world.