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Uber Car Stolen because did not have GPS Tracker

In the Philippines Uber (although currently suspended for 1 month) is a great way to earn extra income. The hard part, if you are not driving the car, is finding a driver you can trust. There was a recent news article which you can find here¬†where the owner of a brand new Toyota Vios enrolled in Uber and after searching for months he thought he found a good driver to operate his car. Unfortunately, his so-called ‘good driver’ STOLE his car and the owner has not yet recovered the car. So basically he has probably lost his 700,000 investment in his car.

All of this could have easily been prevented by having a GPS tracker installed. GPS trackers are very affordable, starting at only 3,499 and can be hidden in the dashboard by our professional technicians. The GPS tracker’s purpose is to let you know your vehicle’s exact location so even if the car is stolen you can more easily recover as you know the location. For even more protection, and especially if you have other drivers drive your car you should consider our Engine Kill GPS Tracker which adds an immobilizer so you can shut off the engine of your vehicle by a simple SMS command, great in case of theft. Then you can easily re-start the engine with another command.

If you have already spent hundreds of thousands of pesos buying your car then doesn’t it make sense to spend a few thousand to protect your large investment? Get a GPS tracker from us and give yourself peace of mind and protect your asset. Contact us today!


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