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Installation is available and varies in price depending on the type of motor vehicle and location of installation. Installation by any other person or entity that is not agreed by us will immediately void the warranty described below. Your installation may at our discretion be performed by a third party whom we have agreed can perform the installation and your allowance of such an installation by the third party is your express consent to the installation. We will not be held liable for any damages caused by the installation of a GPS Tracker inside the motor vehicle.


All prices on this website are VAT and any other applicable tax exclusive and will be added to your Sales Order or Invoice as required by law. All prices on this website also are subject to change without prior notice. The price that you will pay will be shown to you on the invoice or sales order. And it is up to you to agree to the terms of the invoice including any applicable taxes. Should you wish to proceed with the transaction then you must pay the total amount shown on the invoice including but not limited to: any and all taxes, subscription fees, installation fees, materials fees, etc. Payment of the sales order or invoice constitutes agreement by you of the terms of conditions set out on this page as well as any other Service Level Agreement.


We currently provide to you, at no cost, various maps you can select from in your acount (web platform user interface). Map usage is not specifically billed to you and as such we reserve the right to add or delete available maps at our discretion with no prior announcement to you. Market conditions are constantly changing and if we cannot come to a financially feasible agreement with a map supplier(s) we may need to discontinue use of that particular map(s). In some cases (reviewed on a case by case basis) you may be able to continue to use a discontinued map by contacting us and we can provide the additional monthly cost to you. However, we will always ensure that at least 1 map will be available for your use at all times so that you can use our web platform.


The warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase for devices that are wired to the power source of the asset you are tracking. For devices that are portable in nature (not hard-wired) the warranty is 3 months. Warranty covers manufacturers defects and does not cover abuse or equipment or negligence on behalf of the user. For warranty the customer must present a copy of the original invoice or receipt and must send the unit at the customer’s expense, back to our location.


We may provide a SIM with your device but this does not mean we are paying for the SMS or data load of the SIM. The only time we pay for the data load is if you have subscribed to one our web tracking subscription plans that expressly says we will be providing any SMS or data load for the SIM. Otherwise, it is for your account to provide any such SMS or data load. If we are providing the data load and/or SMS load these products are strictly to be used for the operation of the GPS tracker(s) with our web platform. Any unauthorized use of the SIM will be billed to your account.

Service Call

Should your device need to be diagnosed the service call fee charged to you will be 300 pesos within Metro manila. Outside Metro Manila there will be additional travel expenses which will be disclosed to you prior to sending our technician to your location for your acceptance.


If you are using our web tracking platform or app, please note it can take up to 72 hours for your device to be active on our platform or app. The 372 hours commence the day after your device is delivered to you or installed in your vehicle.

GPS Trackers Not Purchased From Us

In some cases you may be able to use on our web platform GPS trackers that you have purchased from a 3-rd party.  In these cases please note we cannot honor any warranty on these devices as they are not purchased from us.


Regardless of whether you purchase your GPS Tracker(s) on our website or our office, or through one of our staff or registered representatives, and you begin to use the device (either through SMS commands or through the use of our web tracking platform) the sale will be considered as final and no refunds will be permitted, unless, there is a manufacturers defect.