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Fuel is expensive so don’t let your driver idle your car unnecessarily. With our GPS vehicle tracking platform you will know how much of the day your car engine was turned on, turned off, idling, and moving. Many of our customers are surprised that their drivers are constantly idling the vehicles and wasting fuel. Furthermore, idling a vehicle for a prolonged period of time is got good for the engine and other parts and can lead to very expensive repairs. Our GPS web tracking platform lets you track all the movements of your vehicles in real-time. You can even know what time the engine was turned on and turned off. Add some accessories like a shock sensor and you have a car alarm system. Add a door sensor and you can monitor the opening/closing of any door on your vehicle or even the trunk. Add a 2-way voice communication and you can speak with your driver at any time. Take control of your vehicles and reduce your fuel costs. Contact us for more information.

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