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User Guide - Standard Platform

Our Web Tracking Platform (“platform”) is designed to be very easy to use. It can simply be used to track the real-time location of your vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, family, staff, etc. This user guide will help you learn more about the features of our platform.

Login to the Web Tracking Platform

To login to the platform please go to: manilagps.com. Enter your email address and password and then click Login.

Login to gps web tracking platform philippines


After you login you will see this screen called the ‘Home Screen’. It shows all of your objects (vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, staff) that you have registered on your account on the left. On the right are options that can be shown on the map like geofences, POI, and other items.

Click on any of your vehicles (objects) to see the location. Make sure the checkmark is showing next to the vehicle. If there is no checkmark you will not be able to see the object on the map.

Now when you see the object on the map you can click the object and you will get a popup screen showing details about the object (varies depending on model of tracker you are using). Click ‘show more’ button to get more details. And click the road icon to get a street maps view of your object.

objects for gps monitoring philippines

What the different colors mean that are next to the name of your object

  • Green:  object is online and moving
  • Yellow: object is online and not moving
  • Red: the object is offline and is in an area of weak GPS and GPRS (internet) signals. Wait until the object moves to an area with stronger signals

Note: There are areas both in and outside Metro Manila where the GPRS (internet) signal is weak. This does not mean there is anything wrong with your GPS Tracker or the web tracking platform. Usually these are issues caused by the network providers (SMART or Globe) as their GPRS coverage is sometimes not reliable or consistent in all areas.

Create Groups


The purpose of groups is to group certain vehicles together for easy viewing on the map. For example:

  • Group 1 – Luzon vehicles
  • Group 2 – Cebu vehicles
  • Group 3 – delivery vehicles
  • Group 4 – service vehicles

It is up to you how you want to group your vehicles and you can have unlimited number of groups.

Click the Setup menu as shown below

detailed tracking info for gps object

Click ‘Object Groups’ tab

detailed info for gps tracking vehicle

Type in your group name and click save. Repeat if you want to create additional groups.

detailed info for gps tracking vehicle

To assign a vehicle to our newly created ‘Test Group’ just click the gear icon next to the vehicle that you want to add to the group and click edit as shown below.

detailed info for gps tracking vehicle

Click the ‘Advanced’ tab. Then select the ‘test group’ from the drop-down menu. Make sure to then click SAVE.

detailed info for gps tracking vehicle

Click on the ‘Test Group’ and now you will see the vehicle as part of the new group.

detailed info for gps tracking vehicle

See Your Vehicle Trips

  1. Click the ‘History’ tab above the objects
  2. From the objects list choose which object you want to see the trips for
  3. Choose the date range and time (data is stored for 6 months)
  4. The click ‘Show History’

Below the ‘show history’ button yhou will see a timeline of what your vehicle did:

  • ‘P’ is for parked (not moving)
  • ‘D’ is for driving (moving)

You will also be able to see visually on the map all of the movement for that particular object for the data range you selected. Speed and other information will also be shown on the graph below the map. If you don’t want to see the graph then click the ‘x’ on the top right of the graph window.

To exit the history screen just click the ‘clear’ button. And to go back to your objects click on the ‘Objects’ tab near the ‘History’ tab.

route history of vehicle

Geofences and How to Use Them

Geofences are simply boundaries that you can setup so that you know every time an object (vehicle or staff) enters the geofence area. You can be alerted in real-time via web tracking platform on your desktop, mobile app, or email, at no charge. You can also be alerted via SMS (additional charges will apply).

Some common ways to use geofences are:

  • vehicle delivery areas – if you have a delivery vehicle that is only supposed to operate in Quezon City you can create a geofence around Quezon City so that you can be alerted every time the delivery vehicle goes outside of the Quezon City geofence
  • Anti-theft – create a geofence around your home, garage, workplace, lot so you can be alerted in real-time if your vehicle or motorcycle are moved unexpectedly
  • Field Staff Sales Area – create geofences for the sales territories of your staff and know exactly when they entered and when they left their sales territory

The first step to create a geofence is to click the ‘Tools’ icon found on the top right of the screen as shown below:

gps tracker geofence philippines

Then click the + button as shown

geofence gps tracker
  1. Use your mouse to draw the shape of the geofence on the map
  2. Name: give your geofence a name
  3. Select a color for the geofence
  4. Click ‘Save’
select the type of gps geofence

To go back to your vehicles list just click the ‘Objects’ tab


To create a report click the Tools icon on the top right and then select ‘Reports’

gps tracker reports philippines
To create a report first click the reports App as shown below.
reports app for web platform
  • Title – give your report a title (optional)
  • Type – scroll down and select the report you want
  • Format – choose the output format of report (HTML, Excel, PDF)
  • Choose the date range
  • Devices – choose which devices you want the report form
  • Geofences (optional) choose the geofences that you want to show on the report for vehicles moving in and out of the geofence
  • Send to email – choose if you want the report emailed
  • Speed limit – enter a speed limit for the vehicle
  • Stops – show the minimum duration of the stop before it is shown on the report
  • Generate – click to generate the report immediately
  • Save – click if you want to make this a scheduled report that will be emailed to you (be sure to fill in the email address and whether daily or weekly report and the time for the report)

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  • 0906.353.1975
  • 0999.838.6184


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