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Sat-Pro 1000


  • Our Sat-Pro 1000 uses satellites to transmit data from device so there is no need for a SIM card
  • Perfect for use in areas where there is weak telco signals or no telco signal
  • Used to track any type of vehicle, truck, heavy equipment, boat, container, expensive equipment
  • Small size means it can easily be placed anywhere on the asset you are tracking
  • Works on 4 replaceable AAA batteries so no need for wiring installation
    • optional wiring harness if you wish to hard wire to vehicle or equipment
  • Batteries can last more than 1 year without needing to be replaced

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Are you tracking an object that is mostly in areas with weak or no telco signal? Then the Sat-Pro 1000 is the right GPS Tracker for you. This tracker is very small, no installation required, and does not need any SIM card or telco signal to operate. And it does not need an external power source as it can work on just 4 AAA lithium ion batteries that can be found in any hardware store. Our Sat-Pro 1000 is used by our customers to track a wide variety of assets such as: cargo containers, small and large ships, trucks, vehicles, heavy equipment, expensive equipment (i.e.generators).

For pricing and more product information please contact us.

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