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Prevent Car Theft With GPS Tracker

Car thefts are always an issue in big cities like Manila – even taxi companies have car thefts. You can prevent car theft with gps tracker installed. In the taxi article the taxi was stolen because the driver went out of the taxi to ring the doorbell. The taxi obviously did not have a GPS tracker. A GPS tracker is a small device (size of a small phone) that is hidden inside your vehicle. If your vehicle is ever stolen you simply track the location of the vehicle on you smartphone. You can alert the Philippines police department as to the location of your vehicle.

For even more protection against car theft you can install a GPS tracker with an engine immobilizer built-in. The engine immobilizer will shut off your engine and disable your ignition simply by you sending the gps tracker a SMS text. Within about 20 seconds of sending the SMS text the gps tracker’s engine immobilizer will stop the fuel flowing to the tank and therefore will stop your engine. Also, the engine immobilizer will disable your ignition system so that even if the thief has your keys, they will be unable to start the engine. As a safety feature the engine immobilizer will only stop the engine once the car is traveling less than 20 km/hr so as to avoid the driver losing control of the vehicle at high speeds. So let’s say the vehicle is traveling 82 km/hr and you send the SMS text to stop the engine. What happens? Well the GPS tracker does receive the command and then checks the speed of the vehicle. Since the vehicle is going faster than 20 km/hr the engine immobilizer does not activate. Instead, it will wait until the vehicle is traveling less than 20 km/hr before activating.

As you can see, this is a great way to prevent car theft with GPS Tracker technology. The price is also affordable starting at around 3,000 pesos for the a standard GPS Tracker. Contact us if you would like to ask any further questions.

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