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We ship our GPS Trackers World-Wide

Manila GPS Trackers Philippines is based in Manila, Philippines, but we can ship our GPS Trackers to you. Our GPS Trackers help you track anything you want using the latest in GPS technology. We have small GPS trackers similar in size to a small mobile phone that you can use to: track your car in case of theft, track your family cars, track trucks, track motorcycles in case of theft, track scooters. Businesses with more than 1 vehicle can use our GPS trackers to track their fleet or delivery vehicles. With the GPS technology that Manila GPS Trackers Philippines has, businesses can also track their employees in the field for their safety. Parents can track their children for added peace of mind. Manila GPS Trackers Philippines has many different models of GPS Trackers depending on your needs. Our GPS Trackers work in the Philippines and also in most countries as the trackers use a standard SIM card for sending of location.

Manila GPS Trackers Philippines is a 1 stop shop for all your GPS tracking needs. We have the GPS Trackers, the technicians to properly install the GPS trackers, and the web tracking platform to monitor your vehicles in real-time. Contact Manila GPS Trackers Philippines to learn more about how we can help your business increase efficiency, lower costs, and increase overall profitability.

Mutiple device support

View the exact location of the GPS tracker on your desktop, laptop, android phone or iPhone.

Constant Monitoring

Your GPS tracker is constantly connected to the GPS satellites to give you the most accurate location of the vehicle or person you are tracking

Different devices for different needs

Unlike most companies, Manila GPS Trackers has several different GPS models to fit your needs and budget

Customer Support

Full customer support and a warranty on all our GPS Trackers.


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Buy Original GPS Trackers

When buying GPS trackers in Philippines make sure that the GPS trackers you are buying are original and not copies. Unfortunately many GPS trackers in Philippines are not original and are ‘clones’ or copies of the original product. The left image is the original GPS tracker in Philippines that is sold. The right image shows a fake that is sold and shows unbranded GPS components as well as unbranded GSM components. From the outside both of these GPS tracker units look identical so unless you open up the GPS tracker units and know what you are looking for, there is a chance you will be buying a fake or ‘copy’ GPS tracker.

GPS Tracker Philippines


Fake GPS tracker in Philippines


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