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In an ever increasing world of tight deadlines for delivery of goods and services it is becoming more and more difficult for delivery businesses to stay on top of the delivery workforce. Make your life easier by harnessing the power of GPS tracking for employees – more commonly known as GPS Employee Tracking. Each employee would carry a personal GPS tracking unit which would send the employee’s exact location to the employer’s desktop computer or smartphone. A main benefit of using GPS employee tracking is the ability to visually see on your computer, tablet, or phone exactly where all your employees are. Imagine a client calls you urgently for a meeting and needs to meet with one of your employees. It would be totally inefficient to start texting or calling each employee to see where they are. Instead, you could simply use our GPS Employee tracking system to visually see where your nearest employee is to your customer and then quickly and efficiently arrange a meeting. Imagine the time saving this would have! Click HERE to view our GPS Employee tracker.



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