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Some may think that GPS Navigator and GPS Tracker are the same since both of them are gathering data and information via GPS satellites. But they are quite different in terms of function.

A GPS navigation system is a GPS receiver, usually with a screen and designed designed for a specific, which is to help get you, the user of the device, from point A to point B. The data is received from the GPS satellites and displayed on the screen, showing you step by step turns to get to your final destination. The GPS Navigator doesn’t provide a record of events or trips that occurred.

On the other hand, a GPS Tracker is a device installed inside a vehicle, or can also be a portable device that can be moved easily from one object to another (an object could be anything you want to track, car, truck, motorcycle, boat, etc.). There is no screen on a GPS tracker as it is not used for navigation by the user. Instead, it is used by someone who is not with the user, to determine the user’s current location in real-time. The GPS tracker  can record the location and trip history data and stored within the tracking unit or it may be transmitted to Internet-connected computer, or use a cellular phone (GPRS or SMS).  And this allows the object’s location to be displayed on a map (like Google maps) in real time.

There’s also some features that a GPS Tracker has which isn’t in a GPS Navigator, an example is the engine kill feature which allows the owner of the vehicle to remotely shut off the engine of the vehicle in case the vehicle is stolen. GPS trackers also have the ability to connect sensors for additional information, such as temperature sensors. A good GPS tracker will also give you other information such as: overspeeding alerts, entering a specific location (geofence), idling alerts, and many more. The tracker can even tell you how safely a driver is driving by measuring the force while the vehicle is braking, accelerating, and turning.

A GPS tracker should be an accessory that everyone should have, for a few thousand pesos you can protect your vehicles, and at the same time always know where they are . A GPS tracker is important whether you have just 1 vehicle or hundreds.


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