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Wireless GPS Tracker

Wireless GPS Tracker

Introducing updated wireless GPS Tracker. No need for messy wires. Plug and Play. Just turn on the wireless gps tracker and text the wireless gps tracker a simple command from your phone. The wireless GPS Tracker will reply within a few seconds with the exact location...

Stop your driver from wasting your fuel

Fuel is expensive so don’t let your driver idle your car unnecessarily. With our GPS vehicle tracking platform you will know how much of the day your car engine was turned on, turned off, idling, and moving. Many of our customers are surprised that their drivers...
Use GPS to monitor your truck deliveries

Use GPS to monitor your truck deliveries

Drivers doing side-trips? Are you spending too much on fuel? Then invest in our GPS Web Tracking system to monitor your trucks 24 hours per day. Input your deliveries for each day and let our fully automated GPS Web Tracking system alert you if and what time your...
Anti-Theft GPS Tracker

Anti-Theft GPS Tracker

Recover your vehicle in case of theft. With our anti-theft GPS tracker you can just send a SMS text to your phone to completely shut off the vehicle engine and power to the vehicle. Then you can quickly locate your vehicle on a map using the power of GPS satellite...


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