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Protect your Car

Use a car tracker to recover your car in case of theft

A car tracker is a gps device that is hidden inside your vehicle, it is small, about the size of a small smartphone. The main purpose of the tracker is to locate your vehicle whenever you want and also to recover your vehicle in case of theft or unauthorized use. With some tracker models you can even shut off the engine of your car with just a simple text message from your phone to the car tracker. The tracker then shuts off the fuel pump which stops your car within usually 30 seconds. As an added safety measure the ignition system is also disabled, so even if the person that has your car also has the car keys, they will not be able to start the car as the ignition system has been disabled by the tracker. The car tracker has 2 main parts: a GPS chip and a GSM module. The GPS chip allows the tracker to receive signals from GPS satellites orbiting the Earth. The GPS signals help locate the exact location of the tracker, and therefore your car as the tracker is hidden inside your vehicle. Now, the car tracker has the exact location of your car but how does it send this location to you? This is where the GSM module comes into play. The GSM module found inside the tracker is very similar to the GSM module found inside your phone. The GSM module allows you to insert a SIM card from a telecom network and sends texts and data through the telecom network’s system. Our car tracker is open line, meaning you can use a SIM card from any telecom in the Philippines (Globe, SMART, Sun) or even any telecom in the world as our car tracker works in over 174 countries. Ok, so now we have the location of the vehicle from the GPS satellites and we have a SIM card inside the tracker. Now the tracker uses the SIM card to send the location to you either via a SMS text or to a web tracking platform. If we take the SMS option, the car tracker sends a SMS text to your smartphone (Android or iPhone). This SMS text contains (depending on the car tracker chosen) the speed of the vehicle, ignition on/off and other information about your vehicle. It also contains a Google Maps link to the location of your vehicle. All you need to do is click the link and your maps app on your phone will open and show you the exact location of your vehicle on the map. So now it is very easy to recover your car in case of theft or unauthorized use. Browse our selection of car trackers to see which one is right for you or contact us.


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